Get Your Mind Right

Get Your Mind Right

It’s important to set your expectations before starting or continuing to grow your practice because it can get very overwhelming quickly.  Every practice is different has growing pains. It doesn’t matter if you’re a therapist, dentist, life coach, or otherwise. You have to practice a healthy mindset. 

Start By Being Consistent

The first step for everyone is to simply be consistent. Set a goal to operate your business at a certain time every day and set goals for yourself so you can cross things off the list. In the beginning stages, this can be a struggle. Nobody is looking over your shoulder and telling you to get things done. 

To help with this, I like to keep a list of things I’m doing every day and every week in a little pocket notebook. I write out my weekly plan on Sunday and then every day I write out a to-do list in the morning. I have to admit that sometimes I go a while without using this system but consistency is all that really matters here. The notebook is a tool to help you be more consistent. Different things work for different people. 

Set Proper Expectations

I’ll use a therapy practice to illustrate this point. Say your goal is to bring in clients that will fill your schedule maybe 30 hours per week? You just want to be a therapist and offer therapy to the world. Well, it’s not that easy in the beginning if you’re working on a solo practice. You can’t just be a therapist because you have to be a marketer and a copywriter. You have to raise awareness, create a website, generate traffic, answer people’s questions, improve your copy, maybe run some paid ads, figure out your pricing and services, etc. This list goes on and on. The main point here is that you aren’t just a therapist. 

In order to not get super overwhelmed with what you are doing, it’s helpful to plan out your launch and understand the long-term approach so you don’t feel like you’re spending all your time doing marketing. You really want to reflect your care and attention to detail in your website copy or in your email marketing. Not only that but there are a lot of technical pieces of the puzzle that must be learned and maintained. Remember to slow down. Be patient. Ask someone for help. 

Don’t Compare Yourselves To Others

This one is important, especially in the beginning. The best dentist in the world can’t expect to immediately fill up their schedule when the guy down the street has been operating for 10 years. A new practice usually takes at least 2-6 months to push through the slow times and get to a more significant filled schedule.


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